Help with administrative formalities and legalities

Advice and accompaniment for immigrants and refugees

This service is divided into two branches :

At the forefront of the changes caused by migration policy changes, the CSRI must respond very quickly to demands. For example, in 2017, as a response to changes in administration in the United States, an increase in the flow of migrants from the USA to Canada occurred, with entire groups of people in distress crossing the border, for the most part without preparation and in panic.

As a result of this phenomenon, 151 people used our legal immigration referral service. Requests for information related to status regulation, most of them from Latin American families residing in the United States seeking to immigrate to Canada.

For an appointment, telephone us at : (514) 387-4477


Offices for Interventions and Activities:
10,120 d'Auteuil avenue
Montreal, Quebec H3L 2K1
(St-Jude Church)

Administrative Offices:
1600 Henri-Bourassa West, Suite 380
Montreal, Quebec H3M 3E2

Office Hours: Monday to Friday

9:00AM to 12:00 Noon and 1:00PM to 5:00PM