Finding Employment in Montreal

Community Services for Refugees and Immigrants provide newcomers with a program of workshops to help them with effective job searches in Montreal. Because good integration into the labor market is being prepared, CSRI accompanies the permanent residents or accepted refugees according to the needs and the difficulties encountered by each one. Adaptability means, taking into account the possibilities and objectives of job seekers are the watchwords of our action.


For many immigrants and refugees, Montreal is the preferred immigration destination but soon, some realize that a metropolis such as Montreal does not suit them, that they would prefer to live in a smaller town, closer to nature and is less impressive.

At a time when full employment is almost achieved and businesses in the vicinity are desperately looking to hire people, the CSRI wants to propose win-win solutions by connecting the open-minded applicants to employers in the regions near to Montreal.

Well-paying jobs, benefits, opportunities for change within the company, pleasant living environment and easy integration are elements to consider in the case of a regional relocation. CSRI is aware of the obstacles encountered in such an approach, has set up a comprehensive support for workers who wish to settle in the vicinity.

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