The Center has Solutions for Accomodations

Registration for Access to Affordable Housing

In partnership with the City of Montreal and RISQ (Quebec Social Investment Network), SCRI opens registrations for anyone wishing to benefit from affordable housing. Please contact us for more information.

Lodging for Females

Our accommodation service for immigrant women has been revamped thanks to our new project "La Maison Nouvelle Vie". In order to further the residents in their integration process, we have implemented support solutions that promote self-management of each. This is why we offer residents a social support and listening service, and more specific means in which the beneficiary engages in a process of personal care, reorganization of life and social integration.

La Maison Nouvelle Vie, in addition to the psychological and social support, it provides to immigrant and refugee women, offers a positive environment through a community life experience with great cultural diversity.

Click Here to Download the brochure about Lodgings for Women

Donations and primary need resources

Getting clothed and housed: the essentials for starting over

Thanks to the generous donations of the people of Montreal, we offer concrete material assistance through a locker room where single immigrants and families of newcomers who have been living in Canada for less than six months are able to build a climate-friendly wardrobe but can also find the appropriate outfits for job searching and attending professional interviews.

Similarly, the needs for furniture, household utensils and appliances are also covered by this service. Since our goal is efficiency and we are very aware of the difficulties encountered by newcomers in getting around and finding transportation solutions, we even thought about delivery: the CSRI pickup and delivery truck will help you set up your new home !

And as a saying goes "To feel good in a tree, a bird needs a nest!"

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