Reception and Social Integration Services for Newcomers

Starting a new life in Quebec

Community Services for Refugees and Immigrants provided reception, social integration and referral services to newcomers and their families. This number has of course increased. More than ever, CSRI is at the forefront of immigrant-serving organizations that work tirelessly to provide a range of indispensable tools to turn the great turmoil of immigration into an individual's life into something new and a successful experience.

Through personalized appointments and phone calls, we seek not only to optimize the quality of our service to newcomers but also the accessibility of quick and useful answers without ever losing sight of what is at the center of our motivation: the Human Being.

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me"

Integration Activities

Because social integration is all about recreation too!

"Leisure, in its broadest sense, is indeed a vector of integration, but also a factor of affirmation of identity, both for the majority and for minority groups." Extracted from the French language newsletter of the Observatoire québécois du loisir number 13, entitled "Loisir et intégration des nouveaux arrivants : état des connaissances scientifiques", this sentence is a very timely endorsement of CSRI's vision that successful integration can not be based solely on access to a job or a home (even if, of course, those two things are vital!): the process of adaptation must go through the private sphere and all the activities that are part of it. Discover your new environment, understand it, make it your own, get in touch with the host society in a playful and reassuring way, meet other immigrants from around the globe, laugh, talk, eat so many safeguards put in a good place through outings and activities help prevent isolation, discouragement and sometimes even depression.

Because we know that the psychological aspect of an integration is a key factor, we take care to put in place a program of varied activities and carrying human warmth.

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