Entrepreneurship Support for Newcomers

A special business start-up process for immigrants

Conducted by a seasoned expert in business, entrepreneurship and human resources profiling, personalized meetings will allow you to not only define your project and assess its feasibility. You will become knowledgeable of the known and unknown resources available to you under both provincial and federal, understand the mentalities and practices of the business community in Quebec but also to address issues related to your personal ability to mobilize the necessary forces and energies, to approach the stages with clarity, namely to delegate and unearth the talents that will be very useful to you.

Upcoming Business Creation Training Sessions

In partnership with the school board (CFOR), CSRI will soon be offering training in online business creation. Specially adapted to people who work or take francization classes during the day, this formula gives immigrants who wish to start up their own business the best chance to find the tools they need to succeed.

For an Appointment : adjointeadministrative@migrantmontreal.org

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Office Hours: Thursday and Friday

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