Become a Volunteer at CSRI

You Can Be the Smile that Quebec Offers to New Arrivals !

Whether you are from an immigrant background and wish to give back what you have received, or whether you are a " pure-bred Quebecer" with a big heart, and wanting to make newcomers love Quebec too, CSRI will welcome you with open arms! Your talent, your time and your energy will make all the difference!

Volunteering : a benefit for others but also for oneself

According to a French language study in 2004 ( by a team of researchers from a Long-Term studies center in Wisconsin, volunteers engaged in altruism in an activity would have a lower than average mortality rate! That's Another Good Reason to join us! If your specialty is computer sciences, English, French or Spanish, Please Step Forward - EXPLAIN in short: - SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE !

Is your expertise more logistical than pedagogical? Are you an expert when it comes to maintaining premises or organizing events? CSRI needs you! Do you want to get involved in the management and collection of home donations? Contact us as soon as possible!

Join a team that always in a good mood, happy to work in the right direction and is 100% involved !

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